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“Physicians and nurses are discovering that art, music, dance and poetry can all have profound healing effects on their patients. Art brings to the human spirit a sense of freedom and joy. The spirit freed helps the body heal. Replacing fear with hope and darkness with light is the essence of modern body-mind-spirit medicine.”
Source: "Creative Healing," by Michael Samuels, M.D. & Mary Rockwood lane, R.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.

Created by professionals who have worked in the field of Art & Healing for decades, Healing Art Source (HAS) is the first national web-based resource that puts you in touch with products and services that use the creative arts to help you deal with your illness and your healing process. These artists have dedicated their lives to this work, and have brought thousands of patients a sense of peace, a moment of joy, or a feeling of community during their illness. Now, through this website, you can pick from a variety of products and services to make you feel better. Following the philosophy of patient-driven care, you can bring the arts into your home and experience them on your own time and your own schedule, alone or with your family or friends.

This week's featured products:

Art to Feed the Soul (Painting)
Judith Shaw
Sick Humor:
The Lighter Side of Illness
Carla Ulbrich

Painting From Within
Laurel Schwartz



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