New Video for “Oneness” – from The Traveler

April 23rd, 2013

We are starting to create videos for The Traveler CD, and it’s so much fun! Here’s the first one, a beautiful poem by Freeman called “Oneness”. Its gentle rocking rhythm and Celtic feel seem to elicit these oceanic images…see what you think!

This one features me on vocals, Tracy Collins and me on keyboards/strings, George Tortorelli on flute, Hannah Alkire (from Acoustic Eidolon) on cello, Michael Ward-Bergeman on accordion, and Tracy Collins and Rob Rothschild on percussion.

The poem, by James Dillet Freeman:

Out on a Cape where sea and land
Are almost one, I like to stand;
There, boundaries become unfixed.
Sea, earth and I all intermix.

Or sometimes I am swept along
A crowded street, one with the throng,
And losing consciousness of me,
Feel only my humanity.

Or in the silence of a prayer,
I find God’s presence everywhere.
My heart dissolves in God’s one heart.
Where does God end? Where do I start?

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