Karen Grabowski
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The Joy of Healing Art Source:

- Share your art with those who need it most
- Get your name and product out on the web
- Join a community of professional healing artists

When you list your art product or service on Healing Art Source you are among some of the most respected organizations and institutions in this field. Your name and product will be linked with places like the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, the Mozart Effect Resource Center, Shands Arts in Medicine, the International Harp Therapy Program; and names like bestselling author Dr. Michael Samuels, renowned harpist Lisa Lynne, and award winning artist Alex Grey.

When the words “healing and art” are put together in a web search, Healing Art Source will be at the top. We will create an attractive and target-specific showcase for you and your product, linking it back to your own website or contact info. We are not a commerce site; we are a resource site, offering you the chance to showcase your sellable art, be part of the larger online healing & arts community, and draw more traffic. It's a great way to see that your name and your art gets known throughout the arts in healthcare world, and to help us make sure your art gets to those who need it most.

To join, click here and send an email to us with a photo and description of your art/product, and the URL of your web site, if you have one. We will respond and let you know how to proceed from there.


Modern Research Finds Art has Impact on Health!

Art-making reduces anxiety in patients with cancer and blood diseases.

Music raises pain thresholds and reduces postoperative pain medications.

Creative writing reduces anxiety, depression, and doctor visits.

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