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Experience the healing power of music to soothe and relax you, to bring you joy and laughter, to distract you from pain and take you to a different place.

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The Wisdom and Power of Music
Don Campbell

An innovative 4 CD set to enhance your health, creativity, and communication. "Don Campbell is one of the great geniuses of our time. His presentations are high art, involving all the senses and bringing a new level of insight, delight, creativity and practical wisdom." Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.


Scott Johnson

The day after his father died from a long bout with cancer, songwriter Scott Johnson sat down to write a song for his dad. What came through was a song from his father. The song "Just A Heartbeat Away" and other original songs by Johnson are on the CD Passages, which is a celebration of life coming into the world and life passing on. This CD is perfect for anyone who has dealt with or is dealing with these kinds of passages--it lifts the spirit while decreasing the sense of aloneness. Visit his site at www.googolpress.com


Hopes & Dreams
Lisa Lynne

Windham Hill artist Lisa Lynne has been at the top of the New Age music charts for many years, and is currently on a major tour as one of the four "Women of Windham Hill." Her work as a hospital artist began after the Columbine incident, when she took a harp to one of the injured students in the hospital there. After seeing how it changed the student's life, she began a Healing Harps program at City of Hope, near her home in Los Angeles. Visit www.lisalynne.com to find out more about her and see her extensive collection of CDs.

Sick Humor: The Lighter Side of Illness
Carla Ulbrich

A better guitar player than most bologna sandwiches, the South Carolina native's whimsical songs are heard on numerous radio stations, including Sirius and XM radio and the syndicated shows "Bob and Sherrie in the Morning" and "The Dr. Demento Show."

In 2002, Carla suffered two strokes and kidney failure. Undeterred, she re-learned the guitar from scratch that year, spending her many hours in doctors' waiting rooms penning funny parodies about her malady and the absurdity of the health care system. The result was her third CD, "Sick Humor" release in late 2004, featuring songs such as "What If Your Butt Was Gone," "Prednisone," "Sittin in the Waiting Room," and "On the commode Again."

Treasures of the Heart
Christina Tourin

This album features 19 selections of Healing Harp Music from the practitioners of the
Internationational Harp Therapy Program. It is soothing, delightful and diversified. Christina Tourin is the Director and Founder of the Int'l Harp Therapy Program. For more information, visit: http://harprealm.com.

Where Do All the Young Ones Go To?
Poetry by John Graham-Pole, M.D., and Music by Cathy DeWitt

A collection of poetry about children and illness, written by nationally renowned author and Pediatric Professor, John Graham-Pole, with original piano accompaniment. "We have tried to capture what they have to teach not only their families and caregivers, but all of us," Graham-Pole says. "It's our homage to their courage, creativity and inspiration."

Momente Intimate          Top
Richard Carr

Currently touring and playing his healing piano music at venues across the country, Richard is a musician from New Orleans who was displaced after Hurricane Katrina. Nonetheless, his spirit still strong, his soothing and sonorous piano music continues to heal and inspire listeners everywhere. He is currently working on an album of piano improvisations with Native American flute.

Journey Through Pentatonia         Top
David Beede & Christine Alicot

David and phenomenal French flautist Christine Alicot co-create these soothing soundscapes on silver flute, harp, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, wind chimes, rain stick and drum. Reports claim this music is perfect for yoga, tai chi, meditation, birthings, hospice care and has been known to sooth a room full of kindergarteners at nap time.


Bowed Psaltery: Musical Instrument         Top
Unicorn Strings

Learn to play the bowed psaltery - the perfect bedside instrument. Simple, yet versatile, with a delicate sound that soothes and heals. Book and instruction tape included.



Modern Research Finds Art has Impact on Health!

Art-making reduces anxiety in patients with cancer and blood diseases.

Music raises pain thresholds and reduces postoperative pain medications.

Creative writing reduces anxiety, depression, and doctor visits.

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