Karen Grabowski
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Learn about different arts that can help you to heal, or just watch beautiful images accompanied by soothing music to make you feel better....



DVDs and Videos


WAVES: Virtual Vacations™ (DVD/VHS)

WAVES relaxation DVDs & videos naturally helps viewers recovering from illness, injury, or addiction by promoting inner peace and rest. Dr. Jurvetson writes WAVES has "an almost hypnotic effect. It promotes a more restful sleep for me." DVDs automatically "loop play" making them the ultimate ambient video DVD that turns your plasma into art - perfect for all day background play in waiting rooms or your home living room.

Enjoy natural images and sounds so vivid that you can almost feel the warm ocean waves lapping at your toes! Virtually sitting there on the beach, the long stationary shots will wash your stress away. On each DVD, you'll experience over 30 of the best beaches in remote & pristine places with six of the most colorful sunsets ever captured on digital video. Each DVD covers hundreds of miles of coastline and/or multiple islands to see.

Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing (DVD/VHS)
Jeff Volk

World-class composers, performers, health practitioners and leaders in mind-body medicine convey a wealth of information ranging from music therapy to chanting and overtone singing. An evocative, stimulating and visually beautiful production which explores a wide range of therapeutic applications of sound, from medieval plainsong to cosmic music!

A segment on Cymatics features commentary by Deepak Chopra, Jill Purce, Rupert Sheldrake and Kay Gardner about the amazing work of scientist Dr. Hans Jenny.


Modern Research Finds Art has Impact on Health!

Art-making reduces anxiety in patients with cancer and blood diseases.

Music raises pain thresholds and reduces postoperative pain medications.

Creative writing reduces anxiety, depression, and doctor visits.

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