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Karen Grabowski - Gypsy Song ArtWorks

"My artwork is a celebration of the joyful spirit that exists within each of us! The images combine vibrant colors and complex geometric designs with healing energies and symbolic designs. Through these, I endeavor to bring a message of hope to those who view my works. They are about balance and symmetry, about seeking that place of equilibrium within ourselves, and about letting go enough of the practical real-world existence to truly see the beauty that we are in the universe." www.karengrabowski.com


Made with Splash, an online art-making tool
Margaret Zabor

Margaret's work can be seen on the VSA arts of Florida - ArtThread Interactive Gallery. She is an expert at using Splash, ArtThread's art-maker that is both sophisticated and unpredictable. A graduate of the "Work of Art" program, she also has other "threads" on this online gallery, featuring her painting and her photography. vsafl.artthread.org



Painting From Within
Laurel Schwartz

“My art, the images, I wait, I listen…they emerge. My paintings seem to come from nothing. I show up at the canvas and wait. Wait for a color, to be drawn to an area, to be informed. They are birthed between the lines of my journals. It’s all there. Pleasure, struggle, fluidity, then, pure delight as the image appears. The personal healing, expression, and self discovery I experience through my painting process continues to amaze me and has been life changing. I offer my work and my story as inspiration. Inspiration to others, particularly women, who are aching to remember themselves. That they find the courage to go on the hunt for their truth.” www.herselfstudio.com



Art to Feed the Soul
Judith Shaw

Judith Shaw is a visionary artist who feels that there is a transformative, healing potential to art. Shaw, a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, has been interested in myth, culture and mystical studies all her life. This interest, combined with a deep spirituality, figures strongly in her work. Originally from New Orleans, she has traveled to many places, whose passion and bright colors have affected her palette and style.

The golden glow of the New Mexico landscape, where Judith currently resides, is reflected in her paintings. Combining her interest in myth and in sacred geometry, she has developed a style uniquely her own, which she calls "Mythic Expressionism". Judith's aspiration is to create art from the heart with the power to produce feelings of love, beauty, joy, and harmony; with the power to heal and to bless, with the power to open a portal to the timeless dimension of the sacred. www.judithshawgallery.com



Meditations on Nature
Virginia Daley

"During my illness, the process of painting became a way to focus my mind on
the healing harmony inherent in my subjects: reflections in water, the strength
of an oak weathering a harsh season, the nonresistant rest of winter. The act of
creating, symbolic in itself, kept me in the now and allowed me to escape, moment
by moment, from fear and anxiety.

"I want to share my work with others as a resource for guided imagery and
calming contemplation: to offer Nature for Nurture." www.virginiadaley.com



Visionary Art
Alex Grey

Alex Grey is best known for his paintings which “X-ray” multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving physical and biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. Grey’s visual meditation on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, is contained in three books. His two monographs, Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations, follow the history of Grey's artistic life. The Mission of Art reflects on art as a spiritual practice. Grey’s world renowned career includes exhibitions and keynote addresses from Basel, to Tokyo, to Sao Paulo, and features on the Discovery Channel, in Newsweek and Time Magazine. Grey’s art has been used on albums for the multi-platiinum bands Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Tool, and String Cheese Incident. Grey's most outstanding and widely appreciated works of transformative art can been seen in New York City at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a long term exhibition in New York City. www.alexgrey.com

“Grey’s vision of a flawed but perfectible mankind stands as an antidote to the cynicism and spiritual malaise prevalent in much contemporary art.” New York Times



Health Frequency® Power Gold Images
Jane Parker

Health Frequency® Power Gold Images are one of the easiest and most effective alternative ways to help the body refill energy that has been taken away by negative environmental influences. Health Frequency® emitted from these images will help bring more balance to the body’s biochemical processes in different organs and areas. This improves speed of blood circulation and temperature regime, all of which can help slow down the aging process and lessen the risk of the appearance of different health conditions and diseases. The Power Gold Image collection carries two types of our powerful Health Frequency® gold alloy. The combination of our exclusive gold alloy powder and unique gold alloy strips help send support to the immune system. This helps saturate the body’s tissues with positive energy in areas where needed. To get more effective results from these images you need to move the pictures once every few weeks to different sites in your work place or house. These Power Gold Images are useful for business by helping create better energy in the environment. We have different sizes of images that can be kept in one place or carried wherever you go. www.healthfrequency.com



Caring Crafts
Judith Zausner

Judith Zausner is the Founder and President of Caring Crafts, Inc. which offers craft kits and supplies to adults with fine motor skill problems and/or cognitive issues. Awarded a grant from the Society for the Arts in Health Care in recognition of its commitment to integrating the arts and healing, Judith is dedicated to empowering creativity to encourage independence and enhance well being. You can read her blog, CREATIVITY MATTERS, on www.eldr.com which provides fascinating stories about ways people have experienced the benefits of being creative.



Images of Inspiration, Imagination and Light
Tracy Kelly

"I am constantly inspired, guided and taught by Mother Nature to slow
down, to see with new eyes, and to open my heart to the beauty, wonder,
and serenity that surround me. This has connected me, not only to my own
spirit, but to the spirit of Life as well. With each photo that I take,
my goal is to capture one moment in time that reflects an energy, a
feeling or a spirit that inspires, heals and brings a sense of magic.
From my heart to yours... " www.tracykellyphotography.com.


Rhonda Grimberg

Understanding the intangible impact that art in the healthcare environment can have, Rhonda Grimberg strives to provide both strength and compassion in her vivid yet soothing floral images. Her artwork has been installed in healthcare projects from coast to coast and is universally appropriate. To view her portfolio of limited edition prints you can visit www.arjaeimages.com and click the heading "Limited Edition Prints."



Healing Art
Nancy Tilson-Mallett, MD, FACP

Being a practicing physician, Nancy Tilson-Mallet experiences the full spectrum of human emotion through her patients. She finds the pathology of diseases both intellectually and visually inspiring. Nancy's childhood fascination with art expanded after her studies at the KU School of Medicine, where she graduated in 1979. The discovery of silk as a new medium gave her the ideal vehicle through which to express herself. Her work has been displayed in a number of medical centers, churches, and government buildings, in addition to features in professional journals and newspapers. Nancy also lectures on healing and the visual arts. She lives in the Kansas City area with her husband Grant.  www.artbyntm.com



Prints, Mixed Media
David Jansheski

My work addresses the broad themes of Beauty, Mystery and Spirit. Working from an intuitive place I allow my visual experience to guide me, while paying attention to what I am naturally drawn to. Over time I have trained my perception to see my surroundings through the framework of these themes.

My search for, and creation of Beauty is an ongoing activity. It frames what I see. I have always been naturally curious, and this curiosity has become a foundation to a way of seeing. I am intrigued by the visually sensuous: a certain color or texture, bold or subtle yet fascinating and engaging. www.jansheskiarts.com


Original, Hand-Painted Art
Mary Lisa Kitakis

In her studio, "Quirks of Art" Mary Lisa designs and creates healing images of art, based on her twelve years of work as a hospital artist and arts program coordinator. She offers bedside art kits, called Doodle Dabblers, as well as images to hang on your wall, send to your friends, and even lay your head on! Contact her at Ez2bqueenml@wmconnect.com.



Folk Art
Jack Beverland/Mr. B

An Idaho native who moved to Florida as a young boy, Mr. B is a self-taught Southern folk artist who has a distinct style. In 1987 a car accident left him with head injuries, resulting in Uncinate Seizures and Spinal Bifida. At his brother's suggestion, Mr. B started to paint, and his emotional life translated itself through paint. Each of Mr. B's paintings begins with a word or phrase like "Corporate Hog Boss," "Abandon," or "The Difference a Man Makes." His current work focuses on bucolic scenes of southern rural life, fantastic utopian animal scenes, and biblical scenes like Noah's Ark and the Garden of Eden.

Jack Beverland said he never planned out his art career -- it just happened. For four years he has been invited to exhibit his paintings at the Kentucky Festival of the Arts in Alabama and for three years he has been invited to the Riverfest Art Festival in Georgia. But it is his exhibit at the OK Harris Gallery in the SoHo district of New York City - a contemporary gallery - that is perhaps the biggest surprise. His work is for sale through his web site: mr-b-folkartist.com.



Healing Art
B Brent Atwater

Brent Atwater has been a professional artist for over 30 years. Her award winning paintings hang in public and private collector's galleries around the world and mirror the spirit and soul of her subjects, creating intimacy, healing, personal awareness, and palpable experiences within each viewer.
Her art draws your emotions into an experience with her subject matter; sometimes beautiful, fragile, at times haunting or humorous, healing or profound, and always thought provoking! Learn more at www.brentatwater.com.



Healing Art
Shifra Stein

Artist, writer, and workshop presenter, Shifra Stein is a firm believer in the deep connection between art and healing. Her dynamic Art For The Health Of It, Healing Power of Color, and Watercolor Workshops demonstrate the dynamic relationship between art and health. Her Journaling Workshops and Creativity Classes combine expressive writing and the visual arts together in motivational presentations that help promote well being, reduce stress, and encourage creativity. www.artforhealth.us




Modern Research Finds Art has Impact on Health!

Art-making reduces anxiety in patients with cancer and blood diseases.

Music raises pain thresholds and reduces postoperative pain medications.

Creative writing reduces anxiety, depression, and doctor visits.

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